The Session

When you are searching for a professional photographer to document your life and family, there are many factors to consider. Price is one way to shop, but not the only way. A photographer’s unique style should be one that speaks to you, one which you can visualize adorning the walls of your home, one which is producing art that you will look back on years from now with heartwarming memories. When you hire a photographer, you are inviting a new person into your home, into your intimate moments, and to witness your priceless memories. This level of trust is something I don’t take lightly, and neither should you.

My aim when I photograph you and your family is to provide you with gorgeous art to display proudly in your home and to pass down through the generations. I want to simplify and demystify the process for you by bringing you beautifully finished, tangible artwork to hang on your walls or hold in your hands on the day it arrives. I have carefully selected only the highest quality premium products to showcase your portraits. All portraits are printed by a professional lab and are mounted for safety and archival life. The images from your session are viewable for 5 days on your own private online gallery.

Newborn Sessions capture the tiny details of newborn babies at their freshest, most vulnerable moments of their lives. The ‘newborn’ stage is a very short and special one and sessions are most successful if held within the first 2 weeks of life. It is best to book a date range while still pregnant or as soon as your baby arrives. Newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your home and require special care, time and patience. As a Newborn Session client, you have the option of adding up to 3 additional mini-sessions within the first year to document the ever changing life and growth of your baby. This could include a maternity session as well.

Signature Sessions are on-location portrait sessions for anyone who is not a brand new baby! This is a full length session which means I am with you, engaging your child and family for as long as it takes to capture an excellent variety of images to choose from. The general range for a Signature Session is 1-2 hours and I strive for 20-30 gorgeous images in your gallery, depending on the number of people being photographed.

Simplicity Sessions If a fun-loving child could design the perfect photo session this would be it. We turn up the music, wear our best crazy hats, superhero capes, tutus, eat ice cream or jump in the bathtub and rock out personality-revealing images in 15 lickety-split minutes. Simplicity Sessions are often booked as ‘events’ in the studio with at least 5 consecutive sessions being held. This is a great time to get the cousins together, hold a portrait birthday party or schedule together with friends and playgroups. If you are between your annual sessions and have milestones to capture, this is a fun and easy way to remember those little moments and growth spurts. Simplicity Sessions are also a wonderful fit for the creative professional looking to update their headshot or profile portraits.